Anthony Pettis Gets Ready For UFC Fight Night 81


The evolution of Mixed Martial Arts has not only taken place within the sport itself, but also in the athlete’s preparation. Nutritional Science has garnered a lot of attention in the last few years and it’s for good reason. Athletes and their coaches have put a major emphasis on diet not only for “making weight”, but also performance enhancement.

Several fighters have seen a resurgence in their careers by making some key dietary changes.

Metabolic Meals has been a popular resource for some of the sports top stars. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Championship Contenders Tyron Woodley, Dustin Poirier, and World Champion Will Brooks.

Our latest project has been assisting #1 Lightweight Contender, Anthony Pettis prepare for UFC Fight Night 81.


Pettis was looking for a way to strategically lower body fat during training camp at a sustainable rate. He knows the weight he’s trying to hit the week before a fight and what body fat he should be at by that time. Our goal for Anthony was to hit that number very gradually. Getting to that weight too early or dropping calories too low at the end both hurt performance and was closely monitored.

Here are three of the biggest changes Anthony made to his diet with the help of Metabolic Meals:

step-1Breakfasts that are high in protein and healthy fats


Cereal was replaced with meals like Steak and Eggs. Our goal was to increase dopamine and acetylcholine to give Anthony more morning drive. This type of breakfast also keeps blood sugar more stable throughout the day which equates to more energy and fat loss.

step-2Gluten Free Diet

The training regimen of a fighter at Anthony’s level is unreal. Between striking practice, grappling and Strength & Conditioning it’s not unusual to train 4-6 hours per day. As the fight gets closer, intensity increases and recovery MUST become a priority. We recommended that Anthony remove gluten from his diet as it can cause inflammatory responses in those who are sensitive to it. Gluten is also known to increase insulin production (triggering the body to store fat) and to slow thyroid production (lowering the metabolic rate). This had a VERY POSITIVE affect on Anthony’s recovery and fat loss.

step-3Carbohydrate Timing 

The amount of training volume that Anthony goes through certainly warrants some carbohydrates in his diet. Replenishing glucose stores is important for endurance, recovery and maintaining muscle mass. Manipulating WHEN Anthony consumes these carbohydrates helps all of the above while still getting the fat loss that we were looking for. Insulin sensitivity is highest in a two hour window after training and also in the evening. More of Anthony’s carbohydrates were eaten at this time when his body could best utilize it.

Anthony’s meals were made fresh and delivered each week so that his focus could stay solely on training. This improved approach to healthy eating will certainly show up in the Octagon on Jan 17th as Pettis puts himself back in line to regain the title.