Turkey Cutlet with Lemon Caper Sauce and Asparagus


You hear it all the time, “To get lean, you need to eat meat and vegetables.” But no matter how many times you hear this, you always find yourself eating the same boring dishes without any flavor. At Metabolic Meals, we offer a variety of low-carb, delicious entrees, however we think your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised with the flavor we packed into our Turkey Cutlet with Lemon Caper Sauce and Asparagus.

We start with a juicy turkey cutlet that has been delicately seasoned and then grilled to lock in that distinct flavor. Next, we bathe each cutlet in a lemon caper sauce adding a little tart flavor to this elegantly simply dish. To adequately complement our flavorful cutlet, we have paired it with sweet, farm-fresh asparagus. After your first bite, you will never look at low-carb the same ever again.


All-Natural Turkey Cutlet, Asparagus, Housemade Chicken Bone Broth, Capers, Rice Flour, Butter, Lemon Juice, Non-GMO Cornstarch, Bay Leaf, Garlic, Sea Salt, Black Pepper

Calories 230
Heart-Healthy Fat 6g
Carbohydrates 11g
Protein 33g

Gluten-Free &  Soy-Free

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