Tyron Woodley’s Meal Prep for the Welterweight Title Fight: Part Two


In part two of our discussion with Tyron Woodley, he goes into detail about how his nutrition may give him an advantage over his opponent and how it has helped with his intense training for the UFC Welterweight Title fight on July 30.

MM: How do Metabolic Meals’ fresh ingredients versus eating preserved Foods improve your daily training?


TW: I think using fresh ingredients with no preservatives or things of that nature helps my training a ton. If I had to compare myself to a vehicle, I’m like a diesel truck — a Raptor or something crazy, so I’m not going to grab unleaded 87 to put in my tank. I’ve got to put the most optimum type of fuel in my body, and I think that’s what Metabolic Meals does. I’m confident that I’m getting the best ingredients.

MM: How do Metabolic Meals’ plans help you recover from your training?

TW: They help a lot. Sometimes guys will be watching me eat and they smell it. “Hey man, what’s that? That smells good, where’d you get that?” They cannot imagine a food that is healthy for you can smell and taste so good. People hear the word “diet” and run from it. They think it’s a temporary fix; they think how long are you going to be doing this before you stop?

With recovery, right after I train, my food from Metabolic Meals is right there. I train, and as I’m stretching out I put it in the microwave for my cooldown. I have my little chitchat with the guys, allow my stomach to settle a bit, because I’m going to be honest, after a workout I can’t immediately consume a meal. I need that perfect window of 20-30 minutes. At minute 20, I’m consuming my meal, so for recovery I believe they’re awesome.

MM: How do you manage to stay at 170 pounds but still maintain your muscle mass?


TW: I started at 205, but each week I’ve been shaving off pounds, and by the end of this week I expect to see 170 something on the scale. And I’ve never seen that the day before a weigh in in my life. Usually I’m in the 180s until like, the day before the weigh in, so I’ll see that one week out. After weighing in, I’ll re-hydrate back up to 185 for the day of the fight. Metabolic Meals has allowed me to systematically drop body fat into the low single digits which means I didn’t have to dehydrate as much and sacrifice performance.

MM: Do you think your meal plan will offer you a competitive advantage over Robbie? If so, why?

TW: Yeah, I don’t think Robbie cuts a lot of weight. I think he was at 185 for a while, so naturally you would think he’s a bigger guy. But I think Robbie Lawler was just fighting in that weight because it was more money; he didn’t have to worry about cutting weight. It’s almost a bit lazy that he just didn’t feel like getting down to 170. I think he has the people around him that are going to help him get to the weight, but as far as fuel, if I’ve been using the highest level fuel for 8-10 weeks, I feel like that gives me a competitive advantage over the entire camp.

There’s all of these self-titled nutritionists and specialists that are out here in our sport right now helping people out, but I promise you these people are not doing this full-time for a living. This is not their daily focus, this is not their passion, and you can see the passion coming from Metabolic Meals. So I do believe I have a huge competitive advantage because I’ve been using best fuel for the last 8-10 weeks. Even before then, to be honest.

MM: What are your three favorite options for Metabolic Meals?


TW: That’s easy. My number one favorite dish is the tamale casserole. That thing is amazing. I still to this day have issues figuring out how it’s healthy, because it tastes so doggone good.

I’m also a big fan of the breakfast sausage and either the oatmeal that comes with it or the eggs. That’s something great in the morning because I’m a big breakfast guy. And then lastly, I never thought I would love a turkey burger, but the new turkey burger with the cold salad that goes with it — that thing is on point. You guys have made me like turkey burgers. I would have never eaten a turkey burger in my life.

Tune in on July 30 to watch Tyron battle it out against Robbie Lawler for the Welterweight Title. We’re hoping the fuel we’ve given him takes him all the way!